We’re always looking for talented artists to join our team.

Feel free to contact us at:

Senior 3D Artist

If you’re working in 3ds Max + Corona Render and you describe yourself as a senior 3D artist, feel free to send us your portfolio and some details about yourself. Working locally in Gdańsk is preferred but we’re not closing to any kind of cooperation. We’ll get back to you no matter what

Junior 3D Artist

If you’re at the beginning of your journey with arch-viz, you definitely have a lot of questions and doubts. Don’t hesitate, ask us anything and send your portfolio or even some WIPs. If you’re not there yet, we’ll get back to you with some tips. Our bootcamp is always open, so go ahead!

3D modeler

The demand for 3D modelers in our industry is bigger than ever. And it’s unlikely to decrease.
We can offer very flexible conditions, understanding and reliable timelines. Sensitivity to details whether in architecture or in furniture is very important for us. Scales of our projects are different but the approach for quality is crucial. If you’re interested in joining us locally or remotely, please send some of your models or pictures with visible mesh topology.