We are a team of experts creating digital images.

We are a team of experts creating digital images in the field of architecture, urban design, landscape and other disciplines of art. We are passionate about translating conceptual plans and designs into captivating visuals that reflect the true potential of each project. Founded almost 10 years ago by two architects, today the company has a trusted and skilled collective team.

When you see what’s not real – that’s imagination.
When you create something that’s not yet real, that’s DIG.

The picture in your mind won’t be the same for everyone else. And the image that you’re seeing in your mind’s eye will affect everyone’s emotions differently.

DIG translates that vision faithfully to draw attention, provoke an emotional response and enable the viewer to accurately experience the fruits of your imagination.

What we do.

DIG produces computer-generated images and renderings for the property development and real estate industries. Our team of skilled craftsmen takes our clients’ drawings, blueprints and inspirations and creates faithful, photorealistic interpretations that help developers, investors, consultants and architects understand, experience and feel a design.

Each DIG rendering is as close to reality as possible because we give each project the time and talent it deserves.

What we do
3D Interior and exterior renderings
Walkthroughs & 3D virtual tours
CG animations
Product renderings
3D Modelling
Where we help
Sales and marketing imagery
Investor presentations
Lease-up phase for commercial and residential properties
Public consultations
Stakeholder meetings
Urban planning procedures

How we do it.

As experts in our field, we create digital images that bring stunning fidelity and photorealism to architecture, urban design and landscaping. Using detailed drawings, geographic information and cutting-edge applications, DIG delivers the full experience of a yet-to-be-built project. Every element of a project, from materials, finishes, lighting – even the interplay between a building, the landscaping and environmental factors are included to create renderings that are only surpassed by the real thing.

Modelling and basic lighting

We start off by building a basic volumetric model with base lighting. This helps us to get an impression for scale and positioning, as well as produce some initial perspectives we share and discuss with the client.

Adding details

After reviewing the early drafts with our client and agreeing on a creative direction, we start increasing fidelity of the model by adding more surface details, background elements and vegetation. In addition a more realistic lighting is added to the scene, to even further enhance the realism of the final image.

Textures and materials

With the 3D model finished, we move on to adding colors using photorealistic as well as 3D scanned textures and materials.


The last thing left to be done is post-production – a process where the image gets its final touch. We complete the illusion with things like clouds, people and other details, as well as adjustments of contrast and color saturation.

The result

The final image is a photorealistic rendering of a yet-to-be constructed building. This is how we can help you turn your vision into a captivating image.